»The Shaman doesn't believe what she sees. She sees what she believes.« Lu Ka

»Your Heart needs to be transparent to be able to heal« Don Ignacio

»Shaman is the one who Sees and Knows life perfect as it is.« Shamanic Heart Healing

»All things share the same breath. The beast, the tree, the man. The air shares its spirit with all the life it supports.« Chief Seattle

Shamanic Heart Healing® - LEVEL 2 - HONG KONG (Teacher: MUSE SUN)

Date and time: 19. - 20. june 2021, 9.30 - 18.30
Location: Hong Kong

Name: Muse SUN (GALM)
Licensed SHH Teacher
Contact: millsun.mail@gmail.com



Shamanic Heart Healing® - Level 2

This 2 day workshop includes practices and understanding of advanced shamanic healing.

After the finished and certified workshop you will:

- Go deeper into the subjects and techniques you got on the first part of this course

- Understand how the process of soul fragmentation works and how does it influence a persons life

- Understand the intrusive and stuck energies in the body and how to release them

- Remember how to use your second awareness to detect the source of a problem or a disease

- Know the technique of Heart illumination, Shamanic Extraction, Power animal and Soul Retrieval

- Learn how to do group healing work

- Be able to use the techniques as a Shamanic Heart Healing practitioner